Won’t the children disrupt their parents (and others) work?

Like every new situation, children and parents may need a few days to adjust to the new environment. However, parents and children can choose to engage with their child as often as they want to whilst continuing with their work. In our proof of concept parents and childminder alike were amazed how easily children detached from their parents once it was clear they weren’t going anywhere and were also not doing anything interesting. As a result, parents were able to work undisrupted and productively while still being able to interact with their children when they chose to.

Could this type of environment be detrimental to children?

The children have everything they need in the Sandburg Hub. They have their parents nearby and they can socialise with other children in a supervised space. The children are free to play and learn, supported by professional child carers, just like traditional day-care centres.

Not everyone is able to concentrate while children are playing in the same room – how is this going to work?

Our proof of concept has proven that parents are less distracted when they know their children are close by in a safe and supportive environment. In addition to the children also being calm and relaxed knowing their parents to be just there, the architectural layout has been designed to make it as easy as possible for parents to concentrate.

Is there any evidence to show that the Sandburg Hub will work?

 Yes. Our proof of concept did just that. It proved that Sandburg works. The participant survey showed clearly that parents felt less stressed and more productive in the Sandburg set up than they felt after dropping their children off at traditional day cares and then going to the office. The majority of them also felt that their children were happier in this context.

More and more companies are adopting a flexible working approach. Some companies allow employees to work from home or provide an on-site childcare centre. These solutions help to eliminate some of the logistical difficulties for parents seeking balance.. However, they still separate parent and child or force  parents to be the sole carer whilst still needing to get work done. The Sandburg Hub model allows parents and children to occupy the same space, with the added element of dedicated child carers..

Why should we implement the Sandburg Hub?

The Sandburg Hub concept offers many advantages to employers and employees. Sandburg users (parents) will take shorter or more flexible parental leave as they have eliminated the time constraints of finding childcare and are no longer bound by the hours of operation of day-care centres or external child minders.  Sandburg users are more flexible and experience less stress, improving their overall performance, benefitting their employer.

I am a Sandburg – user (parent), can I come in when my child is sick?

Sandburgs apply the same rules as most traditional daycare centres with regards to sickness. Children who do not have a fever, diarrhea or are throwing up can come in. After having shown any of the symptoms listed, they have to be symptom-free for 24 hours before coming back.

Who/what are Sandburg partners or customers? Is there a difference?

No, we refer to our customers as partners because the concept requires working together and finding individual solutions to make work-life-combination an reality.

 What exactly is the Sandburg architectural concept?

 Our architectural concept combines a child-friendly and attractive environment with all the health and legal guidelines for a safe work environment. Features in Sandburg spaces  have dual functions: they serve as entertainment for children as well as a sound-attenuating feature to keep noise levels minimal. We also have phone/meeting booths that are completely sound proof. All materials used are non-toxic and soft wherever possible to account for toddler “let’s see how this tastes” and tumbling activities. 😊

What age are Sandburg children?

 Our proof of concept was conducted with children under 3 years old and we aim to launch our first Sandburgs in that age range too. However, our vision is true “work-life-combination” so we aim to extend the concept to older children and also include after-school-activities for primary school children. Once we have mastered all that, we intend to extend towards the elderly. If you have questions and or thoughts on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.