Sandburg works! Key findings from our proof of concept

Our proof of concept did what it set out to do – it proved that Sandburg works! More specifically:

  1. “It’s no louder than any other coworking space”

Our Sandburg intern, who was not a parent participating in the study, spent a day working in the Sandburg proof of concept space. She was surprised just how much quieter it was than expected. Fully equipped Sandburgs promise even better sound experiences with special acoustic design for both our open and quiet spaces.

2. “The children turned away from their parents and towards the activities offered voluntarily and without effort or stress”

The Sandburg proof of concept daycare professional was astonished at the ease with which the children turned to her and the other kids and played once they realized their parent wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t doing anything interesting. Our proof of concept children felt so safe and at ease that they didn’t even have trouble napping, usually a major milestone in traditional daycare settings.

3. “I was able to work more productively as I was significantly less stressed with my baby right there”

Parents reported feeling calmer and much more productive because they could see (rather than having to trust) that their child was happy.

4. “Obviously it would work, I don’t know why no-one has thought of it before“

The parents in need of Sandburgs understood the concept immediately after their first look at our website prior to their registration to our proof of concept.

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