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Neben den Laptop einer Mutter stehen eine Kaffeetasse und eine Babyflasche auf einem Schreibtisch

Combining a successful professional life with parenthood

Working effectively without stress and seeing that my child is doing well – it works! We offer safe, flexible coworking offices where children learn and play in the same room as their parents work in. Experienced supervisors take loving care of the little ones. 

More time and less guilt

You would like to work in your job again after parental leave but you do not yet have childcare for your child? And then there’s that queasy feeling of being separated from your child for a long time for the first time … That’s how founder and managing director Julia Pedersen and mum of Maya felt. It is an uncomfortable truth of modern living, but research on the harm of separating children from parents is astounding – children experience high levels of stress when starting day care and their cortisol levels remain elevated for as long as five months after their first day of separation for their parents.* Working parents also struggle with the additional time it takes their children to return to “emotional equilibrium” each night. 

With a Sandburg Hub in your company or in your city, you don’t only save yourself the tedious search for professional and loving childcare, you also no longer have to take your child to a separate childcare facility and pick them up again from there: a Sandburg Hub is an office inside a nursery, open 12 hours per day. This saves a lot of time and guilt – because with a Sandburg Hub you have more flexibility for work and family.

Die Hand eines Babys und eines Vaters machen eine High-Five-bewegung

We turn work-life-balance into work-life-combination

We actively dispel the myth that children need to be completely separated from their parents for the parent to work effectively. Our Proof of Concept shows that both children and working parents are happier when they are close by. At increased productivity levels for the parents!

Monthly fixed fees

As far as the monthly fixed fees are concerned, we aim to be no more expensive than your local daycare. Pricing models for parents depend on the model agreed on with the Sandburg partner (your employer or municipality) and other factors such as your salary and the age of your child.

Sandburg Hub: that's what I want

Do you want pitch a Sandburg Hub to your employer or your city? You are selfemployed and looking for a suitable solution for childcare according to the Sandburg principle? Talk to us, we are happy to advise!

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