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Scoring with employee satisfaction

Popular companies score points by focusing on employee satisfaction in the war for talent and succeed in employee retention programmes. Cities win over young families. A further benefit for employers: a Sandburg Hub makes a significant contribution to shortening parental leave or dividing it up in an economically sensible way.

Sandburg makes companies and cities more attractive

With a Sandburg Hub in a city or in a company, decision-makers relieve parents of the often lengthy and difficult search for a childcare place for their children. Working parents are no longer bound to the opening hours of external childcare facilities – this not only saves a lot of time, they also have a greater incentive (= higher employee satisfaction)and the opportunity to shorten their parental leave.

Work-life-balance becomes work-life-combination

Our needs-based open-plan parent-child offices with professional childcare enable employees and freelancers to work productively without stress and at the same time participate in the lives of their children. Worries about whether the child is doing well are a thing of the past, key to successful  employee satisfaction. Our Proof of Concept has shown how easily children can detach themselves from their parents as soon as they notice that they are staying close by but are not doing anything exciting. This makes employees more flexible, relaxed and as a result more productive, which benefits their employers. 

The Sandburg Work-Life-Combination-Hub offers three models:

A typical Sandburg accommodates up to 9 parents and their children, aged birth to 3.

Sandburg's model 1 for large enterprises
Model 1

For large enterprises

Large companies offer a Sandburg Hub as an in-house option for their employees. The employer provides the space within the company’s building (e.g. in a large conference room) and invests in fit out costs. These depend on the given conditions and wishes of our partner companies. Future costs are limited to a monthly fee covering staffing and supplies. The monthly cost may be shared between the company and the working parent in a fair and appropriate manner (e.g. based on the age of the child and the parent’s salary).

Sandburg's model 2 for small and medium-sized enterprises
Model 2

For small and medium-sized enterprises

Several smaller companies share a Sandburg Hub, renting a space nearby as needed or establishing Sandburg Hub in an existing coworking space.

The fit out cost will be covered by the participating companies upfront. Future costs are as with model 1.


Sandburg's model 3 for cities and municipalities
Model 3

For cities and municipalities

A city or a municipality decides to establish a Sandburg hub to support its freelancers, gig workers and entrepreneurs. Single parents form a particularly interesting user market here. This could be similar to Model 2 in a rented room or a coworking space or in a public space such as a library, a museum, a community or job centre. The city/municipality/federal state invests in fit out costs. Future costs are as with model 1.

Here is what a Sandburg Hub offers

Sandburg hubs provide an environment specifically designed to minimise noise, as well as quiet spaces for meetings/calls, with all of the well-documented advantages of a coworking space. Here is an example of what it might look like:

Cost calculator

Our cost calculator allows you to determine the approximate cost of a Sandburg Hub in your offices.


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