Job and children: it works

With innovative childcare in the workplace

Key incentive family friendliness

Why Sandburg?

Working in a relaxed environment and watching your children grow up at the same time – Sandburg makes family friendliness in companies and cities possible: our openplan parent-child offices with professional childcare give employees or freelancers with children the opportunity to work without stress and at the same time participate in their children’s lives.

For partners

Attracting and retaining employees: a Sandburg Hub makes companies and cities more attractive.

For parents

Working more productively in a Sandburg Hub – because I can see that my child is doing well.


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Accommodating career and family

About us

When founder and managing director Julia Pedersen went back to work after having her daughter in 2016, she wondered how she would combine a successful professional life with parenthood. The answer is Sandburg’s concept of transforming work-life-balance into work-life-combination.

Proof of Concept

Sandburg works!

“Being able to see my baby made me feel much less stressed and allowed me to work more productively.”
Barbara, Jonathan’s mum

Just one of many parental voices and key insights.

Frequently asked questions and our answers


Won’t the children disrupt their parents (and others) work?

As in any new situation, children and parents may need a few days to adjust to the new environment. In our Proof of Concept parents and childminder alike were amazed how easily children detached from their parents once it was clear they weren’t going anywhere and were also not doing anything interesting. As a result, parents were able to work undisrupted and productively while still being able to interact with their children when they chose to.

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We are looking for professionals and career starters in: early child education, social media, marketing and general office management.