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Proof of Concept

A Sandburg mother types on her laptop in a coworking office with childcare

Sandburg works!

Our proof of concept did what it set out to do: it proved that Sandburg works! We have summarised the key findings including impressions of parents and carers who took part in the Proof of Concept in Cologne from 24/01/ to 14/02/2020.  

”Being able to see my baby made me feel much less stressed and allowed me to work more productively.“
Barbara, Jonathan’s mum

Parents reported feeling calmer and much more productive because they could see (rather than having to trust) that their child was happy.

„The children were very open and felt safe in the presence of their parents. I was amazed how quickly they sought me out on their own.“
Rita, Sandburg daycare professional

Our daycare professional Rita was also fascinated at how easily the children were able to detach themselves from their parents and move around freely in the room. After a brief reassurance that their mummies or daddies would not leave, but stay there and do nothing interesting, our Sandburg children calmly played with the others. Even a little nap – a big milestone in day care, which normally needs extensive guidance and reassurance – was no problem due to the presence of the parents and the feeling of security that came with it. 

“It’s no louder than any other coworking space.”
Sandburg intern 

Our Sandburg intern was surprised just how much quieter it was than expected. Fully equipped Sandburg Hubs promise even better sound experiences with special acoustic design for both our open and quiet spaces. 

“Obviously it would work, I don’t know why no-one has thought of it before.“
Pauline, Theodor’s mum

The parents, who needed exactly what Sandburg offers, were immediately convinced of the idea and eager to participate in the Proof of Concept. The time on site only confirmed their conviction: Sandburg works!

For companies and cities as well as for parents and children, Sandburg offers an innovative concept of childcare. Would you also like to learn how Sandburg can help you transform work-life-balance into work-life-combination? Contact us, we are happy to advise! 

Photo credit:

  1. Bastian Hughes