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Why Sandburg?

The hands of mother and baby share a computer mouse

Key incentive: family friendliness

Working in a relaxed environment and watching your children grow up at the same time – Sandburg makes family friendliness in companies and cities possible: our open-plan parent-child offices with professional childcare give employees or freelancers with children the opportunity to work without stress and at the same time participate in their children’s lives.

More family friendliness in the workplace

A Sandburg Hub is an office inside a nursery, open 10 hours per day – a great relief compared to the otherwise strict opening hours of conventional childcare facilities. By integrating childcare at the workplace, working parents save time because the children do not have to be brought to and picked up from a separate care facility.

Take a virtual walk in a Sandburg Hub

Discover the unique Sandburg room design with its dual function for yourself in our 3D model: the furnishings serve as entertainment as well as having a sound-attenuating effect. In addition, we have completely soundproof room-in-room booths for phone calls and meetings. Of course, all materials used are non-toxic and padded wherever possible. Learning to walk, stumbling and also “let’s see how this tastes” activities of small children are thus taken into account.


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  1. Karoline Steinhauer